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Advanced Air Mobility


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What Is Advanced Air Mobility?

Advanced Air Mobility helps emerging aviation markets safely develop a system that transports people and cargo between places not served or underserved by aviation.
The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Advance Transportation Mobility Strategic Plan aims to continue building on North Carolina’s aviation success towards interconnected and autonomous deployments.

Four key considerations are guiding NCDOT’s work towards Advanced Air Mobility:

  • Infrastructure Development: Support the development and roll-out of essential physical and digital infrastructure to meet the demands of emerging technologies.
  • Partnership Facilitation: Connect federal, state, local, tribal and industry stakeholders to promote partnerships for successful implementation of advanced air mobility systems and use cases.
  • Economic Development: Work with North Carolina economic and workforce development agencies to prepare a skilled and educated workforce and create job opportunities across the state.
  • Policy Alignment: Educate and support North Carolina policymakers as new policies are explored, and existing policies reviewed to ensure aviation safety and advanced air mobility industry success.

Early Actions for Advanced Air Mobility 

The following is NCDOT’s early action steps for AAM over the next five years to create economic opportunity and community development.

  • Inventory Facilities - Inventory all aviation facilities and develop a capital improvement plan to partner with key institutions and industry to address system gaps.
  • Inventory Needs - Identify, prioritize and address capacity needs of the advanced mobility industry in the state, including manufacturers, operators and users.
  • Multi- Altitude Airspace - Develop and maintain clear airspace operational guidance in coordination with the FAA across emerging AAM modes and delineate corridors for multi-altitude air traffic development.  
  • Partnership - Create a partnership between academia, industry and government, and use existing stakeholders to advance mobility. 

11/30/2023 9:26 AM