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Advanced Transportation Mobility Strategic Plan

​The N.C. Department of Transportation’s Division of Aviation and its Integrated Mobility Division are partnering to develop a three-year strategic plan for Advanced Transportation Mobility.

NCDOT’s Advance Mobility NC program looks forward to sharing the outcomes of its innovative strategy to connect people and goods and bring more opportunities to business and individuals through education, job creation and an evolving and specialized advanced transportation workforce.

The strategic plan is anticipated to be completed and adopted by 2024.


  • Serve the needs of North Carolina’s businesses and residents. 
  • Leverage its strong position as a leader in innovation and trusted state partner to propel North Carolina forward. 
  • Bring attention and attract a diverse set of businesses and manufacturers to the state. 
  • Strategically align North Carolina's continued success in advancing mobility with national and international leaders.

5/8/2023 1:27 PM