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Advanced Mobility of Passengers & Freight

Advanced mobility of passengers and freight is a key component to the N.C. Department of Transportation’s Advance Transportation Mobility Strategic Plan. 

The strategic plan continues to build North Carolina’s ground mobility through NCDOT’s Integrated Mobility Division’s four pillars of mobility:

  • Autonomous, connected, electric and shared mobility services
  • Connected at mobility hubs
  • Connected by complete streets
  • Integrated by mobility-as-a-service.

Six key considerations are guiding this work:

  • Enhanced Quality of Life - cultivate mobility systems curated to serve a diverse set of human-focused use cases while also supporting enhanced quality of life for communities.  
  • Policy Alignment - Enact and encourage policies at all levels to support advanced mobility industry success.
  • Interoperable Systems - Develop systems that are interoperable and coordinate across different technologies, platforms, and jurisdictions.   
  • Workforce Development - Support workforce development to ensure NCDOT has the workforce needed for future mobility. 
  • Partnerships for Success - Partner with industry to develop essential energy/fueling capacity, transportation infrastructure and fiber/cellular connectivity.  
  • Safe & Secure Systems - Prioritize research and implementation safeguards to address cybersecurity and human interaction in advanced mobility.  

Early Actions for Advanced Mobility of Passengers and Freight 

To become the advance mobility industry's home for growth and community implementation North Carolina will take the following actions over the next five years to accelerate economic opportunities and community development. 

  • Establish a Process for Prioritization – Create a process to guide, prioritize and capitalize local government led projects that broadly implement community access to advance mobility.  
  • Inventory Systems - Inventory freight handling, ground transportation facilities and develop a specific transportation improvement plan.  
  • Inventory Needs - Identify, prioritize and address energy capacity needs of the advanced mobility industry in the state, including manufacturers, operators and users.
  • Research Partnership - Formalize a partnership across academia, industry and government.

5/8/2023 1:28 PM