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Military CDL Waivers

​​​​​​​The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles may waive the commercial driver license skills test and the knowledge test for eligible military personnel. This program is for those service members who are currently licensed when they apply and meet program requirements for the skills test.

Military personnel must sign a Certification for ​Waiver of CDL Skills Test upon application. Service members who currently possess a specialty license or rating are eligible for this waiver.

NCDMV’s Commercial Driver Unit will notify the applicant by phone after their waiver has been processed. If approved, the applicant has 30 days from the date of contact to visit a DMV driver license office to be issued their commercial driver license.

Questions about the commercial driver license skills waiver process for military personnel should be directed to (919) 861-3319.


11/2/2021 10:32 AM

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