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Title & Vehicle Registration

​To title and register a vehicle, military personnel must meet registration requirements and pay appropriate fees.

To renew a vehicle’s registration, military personnel stationed outside of North Carolina should call (877) 421-0020 for options pertaining to their North Carolina inspection.

Overseas Vehicles

Members of the military with vehicles obtained overseas should call (919) 861-3500 if they are returning to North Carolina with a:

  • Foreign title
  • Foreign registration
  • Military registration card

Vehicles purchased overseas are not exempt from taxes. A Bill-of-Sale and inspection completed in North Carolina are required before registering a vehicle and obtaining a North Carolina license plate.

When registering a vehicle purchased overseas, one of the following taxes apply:

  • 3 percent of purchase price for vehicles purchased from a dealer or online
  • 3 percent of the purchase price not to exceed $250 for a vehicle purchased by military personnel with military registration
  • 3 percent of Bill-of-Sale for vehicles purchased overseas without a registration.

Highway-Use Tax

Military personnel (residents and non-residents) registering a vehicle in North Carolina are not exempt from the highway-use tax.

7/10/2018 10:18 AM

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