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Title & Registration Fees

​​Title Fees ​

​Certificate of Title
Highway-use tax
​3% of vehicle value (not to exceed $250 for new residents moving to North Carolina)
​North Carolina collects a highway-use tax on vehicles instead of a state sales tax. The tax is assessed each time a title is transferred.
​Mobile home tax
​2% sales tax ($300 maximum)
  • ​Mobile homes sold by a dealer are not subject to the highway-use tax.
  • Doublewide Mobile Homes require a sales tax on each section.
  • If the mobile home is purchased from an individual or someone other than a dealer, no tax is due.
​Duplicate title with reassignment
​Corrected or substitute Certificate of Title
​Duplicate Certificate of Title
​​Duplicate Certificate of Title & Removal of Lien(s) or Duplicate Certificate of Title with Correction​$20
​Commercial plates
​$20​​Duplicate Certificate of Title
​IRP plates
​$20​​Duplicate Certificate of Title and Removal of Lien(s) or Duplicate Certificate of Title with Correction
​Instant title
​$98Expedited titling service
​Late penalty fee
​$20​Owner is subjected if a buyer or recipient fails to submit a request for title transfer within 28 days from the date of delivery or notary date (whichever is later)

​​Registration Fees

Registration fees vary depending on the type of vehicle being plated.

​Private passenger vehicle
Private truck under 4,000 pounds
$56.50Private truck under 5,000 pounds
​$67​Private truck under 6,000 pounds
$25Trailer or semi-trailer
House trailer and/or camping trailer
​$66​U-Drive-It car
​Private bus (16 passengers or more)
​$6Permanent and state-owned vehicle

 Other Fees ​

License plate transfer​
​Replacement plate
​$30Personalized plate*
​$5 each
Disability placard
$130 (in addition to vehicle registration fee)
​Electric vehicles*

*Other fees may apply.

Regional Fees & Taxes

In addition to registration fees, Durham, Orange, Randolph and Wake counties – also charge taxes and regional registration taxes on:

  • Private passenger vehicles
  • Private motorcycles
  • U-Drive It passenger vehicles
  • Limousine vehicles
  • Common carriers
  • Contract carriers
  • Exempt for-hire passenger carrier vehicles
  • Property-hauling (farm) vehicles
  • Manufacturer and motor vehicle dealers
  • ​County​Regional Transportation Tax​County Registration Tax

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