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Establishing a Special Registration Plate

​Any organization wanting to establish a special registration plate must have its request approved by the N.C. General Assembly and take other steps before the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles can begin issuing the plate.

​Submit an Application for a New Special License Plate (MVR-27PPA)​Feb. 15​Application should include the additional proposed fee for the plate to be considered for legislative approval.
​Complete a Special Registration Plate Development Application (MVR-27GPP)​Feb. 15​Remit a fee equal to the amount of the paid applications

By March 15 of each year, the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles will submit to the N.C. General Assembly a report that identifies each organization that has applied for a special registration plate to be authorized in the current legislative session, indicating whether the organization meets the statutory requirements

If the requested special registration plate is approved, the organization must submit the final artwork and the list of purchasers who submitted a paid application to NCDMV within 60 days of passed legislation.

The Division shall issue the plate within 180 days after receipt of the requester’s design and the minimum number of paid applications.

If the plate is not authorized in the legislative session in which the authorization was sought, NCDMV will refund the fee to the organization who submitted it.

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7/19/2019 6:37 PM

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