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Vehicle Registration Forms

​​​​Change of Address & Proof of Residency

​Form NumberForm Name​
MVR-24A Notice of Change of Address
MVR-614 Proof of Residency for Non-Residents

Titles & Registration

​Form NumberForm Name​
LT-271 Request for Antique/Custom Vehicle Examination
​Rebuilder Affidavit​
​​MVR-1 Title Application
MVR-1A Certification of Plate and/or Address
MVR-3 Certificate of Repossession
Application for Duplicate Title
MVR-4A Application for a Duplicate Salvage Certificate of Title
​MVR-4C ​Notification of Owner Retained Vehicle
Application for Unregisterable Certificate of Title​
​MVR-5 ​Corrected or Substitute Title Application
​​MVR-6 Lien Recording Application
​MVR-6A ​Lien Renewal Application for Manufactured Homes
​Owner’s Affidavit of Lien Satisfaction for a Manufactured Home​​
​​MVR-6T Temporary Lien Recording Application
​MVR-6TTTitle in Transit Application
​MVR-7 ​Recording Assignment of Lien & Application for Transfer of Lien
​MVR-8 ​Owner Application for Removal of Lien from the Certificate of Title
​​MVR-28 Affidavit of Facts
​MVR-46D ​Release of Financial Interest by North Carolina Lienholder
​MVR-46F Affidavit for Removal of Vehicle from Files
​MVR-46G ​Cancellation of Mobile Home Titles
​MVR-55Builder's Affidavit
​MVR-55ARequirements for Obtaining Title for Custom Build Vehicles

Modified Utility Vehicle Affidavit​
​​MVR-63 Power of Attorney
​​MVR-69 Affidavit to Release Instant Title
​​MVR-92A Requirements for Obtaining Title by Filing an Indemnity Bond
​​MVR-92D Indemnity Bond
​MVR-92H ​Affidavit of Facts to Accompany Indemnity Bond
​MVR-106 ​Requirements for Obtaining North Carolina Registration
​​MVR-170 Logging Affidavit
​MVR-180 ​Odometer Disclosure Statement
​MVR-181 Damage Disclosure Statement
​MVR-330 ​Application for a Registration Plate or Plate Transfer
​MVR-412 Abandoned Vehicles for Charitable Organizations​
Request for Motor Vehicle Information
​MVR-608 Gross Receipt Declaration
​​MVR-609 Claim of Sales or Use Tax Payment Under Protest
​​MVR-609A Claim of Sales or Use Tax Payment Under Protest Refund Requested
​MVR-609B Highway-Use Tax Exemption Refund Request
​MVR-613Highway-Use Tax Exemption Certification
​MVR-614Proof of Military/Dependent or Principally Garaged Vehicle
​​MVR-618 Statement for Weight Declaration
​​MVR-620 Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship Affidavit
​​MVR-622 HMMWV Affidavit from Manufacturer

License Plates

​Form Number
​Form Name
Affidavit and Notification to Owner
Farmer Affidavit
Application for Duplicate and/or Additional Registration Certificates
Application for Transporter Registration and Plates
Application for Drive-Away Registration and Plates
Application for Replacement Plate and/or Sticker
Application for Plate Turn in Verification
Motor Vehicle License Fees
Application for Disabled Driver Registration Plate
Application for Disability Parking Placard
Application for Renewal of Disability Parking Placard or Total & Permanent Disability Parking Placard

Owner’s Report for Vans or House Cars
Affidavit of Facts for the Registration of a Moped

Fee Schedule
Application for Permanent Registration Plate

De​​​aler Unit

​Form Number
​Form Name
Application for Transportation Company Permit​​

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