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Vehicle Registration Forms

​Change of Address & Proof of Residency

​Form NumberForm Name​
MVR-24A Notice of Change of Address
MVR-614 Proof of Residency for Non-Residents

Titles & Registration

​Form NumberForm Name​
LT-271 Request for Antique/Custom Vehicle Examination
​​MVR-1 Title Application
MVR-1A Certification of Plate and/or Address
MVR-3 Certificate of Repossession
Application for Duplicate Title
MVR-4A Application for a Duplicate Salvage Certificate of Title
​MVR-4C ​Notification of Owner Retained Vehicle
​MVR-5 ​Corrected or Substitute Title Application
​​MVR-6 Lien Recording Application
​MVR-6A ​Lien Renewal Application for Manufactured Homes
​​MVR-6T Temporary Lien Recording Application
​MVR-6TTTitle in Transit Application
​MVR-7​Recording Assignment of Lien & Application for Transfer of Lien
​MVR-8 ​Owner Application for Removal of Lien from the Certificate of Title
​​MVR-28 Affidavit of Facts
​MVR-46D​Release of Financial Interest by North Carolina Lienholder
​MVR-46F Affidavit for Removal of Vehicle from Files
​MVR-46G ​Cancellation of Mobile Home Titles
​MVR-55Builder's Affidavit
​MVR-55ARequirements for Obtaining Title for Custom Build Vehicles
​​MVR-63 Power of Attorney
​​MVR-69 Affidavit to Release Instant Title
​​MVR-92A Requirements for Obtaining Title by Filing an Indemnity Bond
​​MVR-92D Indemnity Bond
​MVR-92H ​Affidavit of Facts to Accompany Indemnity Bond
​MVR-106 ​Requirements for Obtaining North Carolina Registration
​​MVR-170 Logging Affidavit
​MVR-180 ​Odometer Disclosure Statement
​MVR-181 Damage Disclosure Statement
​MVR-330 ​Application for a Registration Plate or Plate Transfer
​MVR-412 Abandoned Vehicles for Charitable Organizations​
Request for Motor Vehicle Information
​MVR-608 Gross Receipt Declaration
​​MVR-609 Claim of Sales or Use Tax Payment Under Protest
​​MVR-609A Claim of Sales or Use Tax Payment Under Protest Refund Requested
​MVR-609B Highway-Use Tax Exemption Refund Request
​MVR-613Highway-Use Tax Exemption Certification
​MVR-614Proof of Military/Dependent or Principally Garaged Vehicle
​​MVR-618 Statement for Weight Declaration
​​MVR-620 Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship Affidavit
​​MVR-622 HMMWV Affidavit from Manufacturer

License Plates

​Form NumberForm Name​
MVR-4F Affidavit and Notification to Owner
MVR-9 Farmer Affidavit
MVR-10 Application for Duplicate and/or Additional Registration Certificates
​​MVR-16A Application for Transporter Registration and Plates
​​MVR-16BB Application for Drive-Away Registration and Plates
​​MVR-17 Vanpool License Plate Registration
​​​MVR-18 Application for Replacement Plate and/or Sticker
Application for Plate Turn in Verification
​​​MVR-34 Motor Vehicle License Fees
MVR-37 Application for Disabled Driver Registration Plate
MVR-37A Application for Disability Parking Placard
​MVR-37AAApplication for Renewal of Disability Parking Placard or Total & Permanent Disability Parking Placard
MVR-51 Owner’s Report for Vans or House Cars
MVR-58 Affidavit of Facts for the Registration of a Moped
MVR-94 Fee Schedule
MVR-619 Application for Permanent Registration Plate

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