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Liability Insurance Help

​​​​​The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicle's online liability insurance service allows owners of vehicles registered in North Carolina to pay fines associated with insurance lapses.

NCDMV uses an online service, called PayIt, that allows you to take advantage of completing multiple services in one secure transaction.

​PayIt collects a $3 fee per online transaction​ that it uses to deliver quality services more efficiently with no upfront costs to NCDMV. The State of North Carolina does not collect or benefit from the transaction fee. ​​

The following information is needed to pay the penalty:

  • The control number of the insurance termination notice (Form FS5​) from NCDMV
  • The license plate number of the vehicle associated with the insurance lapse.

To prove liability coverage, the vehicle owner may request their insurance carrier to electronically submit a Certificate of Insurance (Form FS-1). Call the NCDMV Customer Contact Center at (919) 715-7000 from 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays to confirm that NCDMV has received this form. 

Note: To avoid a lapse in coverage, ensure that new liability coverage has been purchased before canceling an old policy.

Reinstating a Revoked License Plate

An individual may request an administrative hearing if their North Carolina license plate has been revoked due to an insurance lapse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If I feel the termination of insurance is unjustified, do I have any recourse?

    Yes, if you believe the lapse in coverage was not due to any fault or neglect on your behalf and your license plate has been revoked you may request an administrative hearing. Call the NCDMV Customer Contact Center at 919-715-7000 for more information.

  • Can I transfer my vehicle’s license plate to another vehicle?
    ​You may transfer the license plate to another vehicle if the insurance on the new vehicle was current at the same time the insurance was canceled on the old vehicle. There must not be a break in coverage.

7/9/2023 10:17 AM

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