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MyNCDMV Online Payments

​myNCDMV is currently available for vehicle registration transactions such as renewals, property tax payments on limited registration license plates, duplicate registration card requests and personalized and specialty license plate orders.

Additional services will be added in the coming months to include driver license renewals, duplicate license and ID card requests, driving record orders, and online appointment scheduling.

Have questions? Check out answers below to some of the most common topics related to myNCDMV.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is myNCDMV (PayIt)?
myNCDMV is a cloud-based service, provided by PayIt, that delivers a user-friendly mobile and website application for modernizing state, local and federal government payments. myNCDMV is designed to allow users to take advantage of completing multiple services in one secure transaction. There are also other benefits:
  • myNCDMV uses a technology that has a smart, responsive interface that completes more transactions faster.
  • For the first time, NCDMV can accept electronic check payments, compared to the old platform that only accepted credit card payments.
  • Creating a profile within myNCDMV allows users to enter their personal information one time, view their transaction history and set reminders for future services.
  • The app is also expandable and will enable the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles to add other services to provide additional convenience for users.
Is myNCDMV (PayIt) replacing NCDMV online services?
Currently, myNCDMV is only available for vehicle services (i.e., registration renewals, property tax payments, duplicate registrations and personalized/specialized plate orders). Other online services will be added to myNCDMV in the coming months.
How do I access myNCDMV (PayIt)?

You can access myNCDMV from the NCDMV website or download the myNCDMV app for your iOS or Android mobile device.

Do I have to set up a profile to use myNCDMV?
No, you do not need a profile to use myNCDMV on the NCDMV website. But you must create a profile to use the myNCDMV mobile app. To create a profile, you will need an email address. Having a profile allows you to electronically store your receipts and view your transaction history.
If I have a myNCDMV (PayIt) account, can I still log in as a guest?
Yes, you can have a myNCDMV account and still log in as a guest while using the web browser on your computer or mobile device. The transaction, however, will not be saved to your myNCDMV account history.  
Can someone other than myself renew my vehicle using myNCDMV (PayIt)?
If you share your account information or vehicle information (plate number and title number), someone else can renew your vehicle registration through myNCDMV.
Is there a cost for people completing online transactions using PayIt?

PayIt charges users a transaction fee of $3, similar to other online payment services. The transaction fee is the service charge per transaction for using the secure online payment service. Unlike the old way of completing NCDMV online services, PayIt allows users to complete multiple services in a single transaction.

Users are charged the $3 transaction fee one time, even if there are multiple services. For example: If you renew the registration for two vehicles and order a duplicate registration card for another in the same session, you will only pay one $3 transaction fee for all three transactions.

Does the state get the $3 transaction fee?
No, the state of North Carolina does not collect or benefit from the transaction fee. The transaction fee is charged and collected by PayIt, the vendor that provides the myNCDMV online payment service.
Why are you moving away from using the free online services?

NCDMV is committed to providing convenient and efficient service with the use of new technology.

Prior to launching myNCDMV, NCDOT staff developed and maintained the online service applications, which required a significant amount of time and resources. PayIt allows NCDMV to be flexible with resources and develop new projects to improve customer service, creating a better experience and easier way to handle DMV services.

The old platform has a different application and log-in system for each NCDMV online service. With myNCDMV, users only need one account to complete all online services.

How will my payment appear on my statement?
If you pay online using an electronic check, your statement will read PayIt, LLC. If you pay using a credit card, your statement will read PAYIT* NC DMV.
How do I delete or change my payment method?
Payment methods are securely stored in the profile section of your myNCDMV account. You can add, edit or delete payment methods in your profile or easily add a payment method during your transaction. At the payment summary section of the transaction, you can click “edit” to change payment method, cancel transaction or continue.
Will I receive a receipt?
You will receive a separate email receipt for each transaction in a single myNCDMV session. If you have created a myNCDMV profile, you can also view the receipt in your profile.

A transaction number is also provided in the receipt and at the end of transaction by guest users. You should retain this number for your records.

Additionally, you will receive a receipt with your registration card when it arrives in the mail.
Where can I find my receipt in the myNCMDV app?
You can find your receipt within the myNCDMV app by signing into your account and clicking the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner. You can also contact PayIt, the service provider, at (816) 343-8095 or at
If I am paying PayIt, who do I contact for a refund?
If you have questions about a refund, contact the NCDMV by calling (919) 715-7000.
What if I pay with ACH and have insufficient funds?
You will receive a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) email that will provide instructions on completing your payment.
Can I renew multiple vehicles at one time?
Yes, you can renew multiple vehicles during one transaction when using myNCDMV.
Can I cancel a transaction?

Yes, you can cancel a transaction.

As a guest, simply close your web browser to cancel the transaction before it has been submitted.

If you are an account holder:

  • Using the mobile app, the “x” in the upper right-hand corner of the mobile app will cancel your transaction
  • Using the web app, the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner cancel your transaction
Who do I contact if I’m having technical issues?
Users can get technical support by calling PayIt, the service provider, at (816) 343-8095 or sending an email to
How do I conduct DMV transactions using myNCDMV if I do not have a bank account or a credit card?
If you do not have a bank account or credit card, you can complete your transactions at any NCDMV office.

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