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Driver Education Frequently Asked Questions


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  • What is a Restricted Instruction Permit

    ​This document verifies that a student’s vision and medical condition is approved by a representative of the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles or certified driver education instructor. It authorizes the student to operate a motor vehicle with their driving education instructor in order to complete the required six hours of behind the wheel instruction.

  • Why do I need to have an eye check to drive with my instructor?

    ​The eye check verifies the student does not have a vision or medical condition that might interfere with the student’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.​

  • Where can I get my eye check done?

    ​If your driver education instructor is not certified to perform an eye check, the instructor should coordinate a time and location for it to be administered by an NCDMV representative. If you are unable to attend the appointment, another appointment can be scheduled but may take additional time. NCDMV strongly advises not to visit your local driver license office because you would be considered a walk-in customer and the wait time is unknown.​

  • If the driver education courses at my public school is full or behind schedule, what are other options available for student(s)?

    The other option available is to perform an internet search for NCDMV licensed North Carolina driver education training schools. A list of commercial driver education schools will populate, and you will have the option to select a school that is convenient to your location. Each school will have enrollment fees, which may vary. Please verify they are licensed by NCDMV to provide driver education to those 18 and under. If you have further questions, contact​ the School Bus and Traffic Safety Department.

  • If my child receives a “drop-out prevention” suspension how does that get removed?

    ​This suspension is placed on the student’s record by the school system. Therefore, it must be removed by the school system’s administrator.​

  • How to become a driver education instructor?

    ​You must first qualify, attend, and pass the 80-hour Basic Driver Education Course​. The course is taught over a two-week period and is offered throughout the year at various locations throughout the state. A college degree and prior teaching experience is not required. The qualifications are as follows:

    • No convictions for moving violations totaling five or more motor vehicle points in the three years preceding the date of the application. 
    • Must have at least four years’ experience as a licensed operator of a motor vehicle.
    • Never convicted of a felony or convicted of a misdemeanor in the ten years immediately preceding the date of the application.
    • No revocations or suspensions of their driver license in the five years immediately preceding the date of the application.
    • Must have graduated from high school or hold a high school equivalency certificate.
    • Must pass a test based on course instruction and pass a road test.
    • Requirements are the same for those seeking to teach in-car driving instruction only.

  • How much does the course cost?

    ​The cost for the 80-hour course is $250 which includes books, tuition, and the cost of the vehicle used during the driving portion. Once complete, there is a $16 NCDMV application fee, plus any incidental costs incurred in obtaining the documentation required to complete the application, including a physical exam by a licensed physician, criminal background check, copies of high school or college transcripts. 

  • Do I need to be employed by a school system or private school before I can take the course?

    ​No, but you need to be employed by a commercial driver education school and be actively teaching driver education within four years of taking the course to be licensed. A 90-day probationary period is also required before being licensed.  ​

  • When will I be able to teach students?

    ​You must be hired by a commercial driver education school. You will be allowed to teach but prior to being licensed, you will need to complete a two-hour classroom evaluation session and a two-hour road instruction evaluation session conducted by a Driver Education Program Specialist from NCDMV. If you have further questions, contact​ the School Bus and Traffic Safety Department. 


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