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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Driving Record

All applicants must certify at the time of application that they do not hold more than one driver license and that their license is not suspended, disqualified or revoked.

Some convictions will make a driver ineligible to operate a school bus. Individuals interested in becoming a school bus driver should contact their local school system’s transportation department for further qualifications, requirements,  restrictions and/or school-bus driver training classes.

Medical & Physical

Prospective school bus drivers must acquire a U.S. Department of Transportation medical exam from a federal motor carrier certified medical examiner​ to be considered competent to operate a school bus.

If questions arise about an applicant’s physical condition, NCDMV may require the driver to submit a completed medical report (provided by the NCDMV Driver License Section), before or after certification. 

Training & Testing

Prospective school bus drivers must:

  • Successfully complete the required school bus driver training class (in-person or virtual)
  • Pass up to four different CDL knowledge tests with a score of 80 percent or better on each test
  • Successfully complete the required behind-the-wheel training with a driver education program specialist
  • Pass all skills testing to federal motor carrier requirements


​Name of Fee
​Fee Amount 
​School Bus Application fee
​This fee applies each three attempts of knowledge tests
​School Bus Commercial 
driver license
​$21.50 per year
​School Bus Commercial  driver license endorsement
​$4.25 per year, per endorsement

Under state law, NCDMV does not issue or renew a commercial driver license with "P" or "S" endorsement symbols to anyone required to register under sex offender and public protection registration programs.

Suspensions & Revocations

In addition to the rules that apply to the driving public, commercial driver license holders are required to follow rules specific to commercial motor vehicle drivers and comply with the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act to maintain their commercial driver license and keep their school-bus driver certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I received a letter from NCDMV saying my school bus certification was cancelled. What do I do now?
    • If your U.S. Department of Transportation Medical Card is expired, you will need to pass a USDOT medical exam. After passing the medical exam, you’ll need to visit an NCDMV driver license office to have the card entered into the NCDMV State Automated Driver Licensing System or submited by your employer by visiting Contact Us.  
    • If you have been convicted of a moving violation or had your license suspended, contact your local school bus trainer through your school transportation department. 
    • If you have recently been drug tested, contact your local school bus trainer through your school transportation department. 
    • If you renewed your driver license but did not renew your school bus certification, contact your local school bus trainer through your school’s transportation department. 
    • If you are no longer driving for a school or school system, your certification will be cancelled (your license should still be in good standing if this is the only reason) until you certify with a new school/school system with a school bus trainer. 

  • Routing & Complaints/Compliments regarding school bus driver

    ​If you have concerns or compliments about school bus drivers or routing of school buses, contact the school or school system identified on the side of the bus. This is a local school transportation issue and must be addressed there first.  Include the time, date, location, and bus number when you contact the school system.

  • I have a concern about a school bus driver. Who do I contact?

    ​If you are a school bus driver and you receive a letter from NCDMV regarding your school bus certification, contact the driver education program specialist in your area with your questions.


7/5/2023 11:40 AM

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