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Mobile Home Registration

​​​Mobile homes must be titled and registered with the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles in a similar manner as a vehicle.

To register a mobile home from a Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin or a title, the following documents are also required.

​Vehicle title​Notarization required
Title Application (MVR-1)​All liens must be declared; notarization required
​Cancellation of Mobile Home Titles (MVR-46G)

Fees & Taxes

​Certificate of Title ​$52

Mobile home tax

Collected by selling dealers
  • Mobile homes sold by a dealer are not subject to the Highway-use Tax
  • Doublewide Mobile Homes require a sales tax on each section.
  • If the mobile home is purchased from an individual or someone other than a dealer, no tax is due.
​2% sales tax (maximum $300)

7/19/2019 6:16 PM

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