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Proving Liability Insurance

​​​​ Liability insurance must be issued by a company licensed to do business in North Carolina.

Each driver must be listed on the document provided for liability insurance when applying as a new driver.

​​​​​​​The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles recognizes the documents below as proof of liability insurance. ​

​Preparing to Show Proof of Liability Insurance

C​ustomers need to bring printed information as digital insurance information is not accepted. Proof of insurance documents must be scanned into the NCDMV system.  

Applicants may contact their insurance provider during their visit at a local driver license office to request a faxed copy. ​


  • Insurance policy from a North Carolina-licensed insurer that shows when the policy was issued and when it expires​
  • North Carolina Certificate of Insurance (FS-1) showing the vehicle year, make, model and vehicle identification number
  • DL-123 insurance form (provided by a North Carolina insurance company)

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2/28/2023 4:21 PM

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