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State-to-State Verification

‚ÄčAs required by the federal REAL ID Act, the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles uses the State-to-State Verification Service to electronically verify if applicants for non-commercial licenses or IDs have such licenses or IDs in other states.

Once an individual is issued a new or duplicate license or ID in North Carolina, any card issued in any other state is automatically canceled.

If an applicant does not want to cancel the out-of-state issuance, they will not be issued a driver license or ID card in North Carolina.

Provided by the American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators, it helps the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles fight and reduce identity fraud, improve process efficiency with the automation of manual processes and identify and eliminate potential duplicate licenses and ID cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if my out-of-state credential is canceled?

If your most recent driver license or ID card was issued in North Carolina, your out-of-state driver license or ID card has been canceled. To get information on your out-of-state license or ID card, you must contact the other state to check the status of that issuance.

If I have a North Carolina driver license, can I have an ID from another state?

No. As a part of complying with the federal REAL ID Act, North Carolina is a one-credential state, which means residents can have only one driver license or an ID card in one state.

Will my commercial driver license be affected by State-to-State?

No. State-to-State only verifies non-commercial driver licenses. The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 has required states to verify single driving records for commercial drivers since 1992.

What if I only have an ID card in North Carolina because I am a college student and only need an ID for banking, housing or some other purpose?

If you currently have an ID card in North Carolina and a driver license from another state, your out-of-state license will be canceled if your North Carolina ID card was your most recent issuance. You will need to transfer your driver license to North Carolina to maintain a valid license. If you do not want your out-of-state driver license canceled, you need to contact the other state.

3/19/2019 9:25 AM

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